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April 30, 2012
If I were a car, even I wouldn’t buy me.
There just seems to be too many missing or broken parts, lets see, no appendix, no gall bladder, broken shoulder, no prostate, barely remembers things, and the blood is tainted with cancer. Did you say, you’ll pay me to remove this body off the block? I came home last Wednesday (ANZAC day), spent a couple of hours at work, and a couple more on Thursday and Friday. Next thing I know, those who love me gave me a good old fashioned ear bashing. Nothing like being pushed further below the water line when you’re trying to get on top of things. I counted 5 (female) nurses who adored my pyjama pants when I was at hospital, I’m now contemplating wearing them out to the shops. For some reason they recognised some dude whose name appeared on my jammy’s called Peter Alexander, just hope he’s not some gay icon. Everyone knows I’m not gay, right? Nothing against gay people, but I can do without the unwanted attention particularly as I’m a bit of a pretty boy and muscular! Here’s a pic of me suffering in front of the television screen. I’m of higher and better spirits in the last couple of days because I’ve self diagnosed a double dose of sleeping tabs. I’m sleeping almost as soon as I hit the pillow and then struggle to get out of bed by 8:30am. Problem however is that I’m still drowsy during the remainder of the day. If there are any credible persons reading this with a Medical background can you leave a comment below please. I’ve changed to 2 x 5mg Diazepam? If this dosage is not causing the tiredness then I may need to worry once again. Crap!

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  1. MelanieBradbury says:

    Hi no that seems ok David but the problem with sleeping meds as ALL meds they have pro and cons not all are perfect bit like us humans !! If you can ‘cope ‘ with feeling a little dopey then fine if not reduce your dose they also come in 2mg so perhaps a total of say 7mg may be more suitable ??? Good luck and let me know how you get on .
    Love 2nd wife aka your kiwi nurse/midwife xxx

  2. Thank you Nurse Bradbury. Are you going to grace the readership base with a picture of you in your uniform?

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