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October 18, 2013
20131018-214339.jpgIn broad terms and given the opportunity to quote a cliché at this point, I will, … … “eliminate the negative, accentuate the positive” … Yeah, everything sounds easy after you win the fight, and I even think it comes across cocky having to expound a few words of wisdom, as if I knew all along I was going to be alive today. Truth be known, I cried, I suffered depression, I drank like a fish to escape reality, couldn’t sleep, marriage breakdown … wow, all sounds like I’m a candidate for a 10 minute segment on ’60 minutes’. Mr. 60 Minute producer, leave a message and we’ll negotiate my appearance fee and I’ll confirm my availability. One ‘negative’ aspect in my life I had to eliminate, that now sounds obvious but it didn’t at the time, was that it was necessary to distance myself from negative people. I had to be ruthless and draw an uncompromising line containing the names of friends, colleagues, associates, family, wannabe’s, noobs and aliens. The biggest mistake I made on reflection was that I allowed my emotions to influence that decision, … to the extent that I trusted one individual who habitually and frequently announced to almost everyone we met that I was going to die anyway. I was made to believe that death was inevitable and that I should not cause myself such anguish by thinking that I could be cured. Anyway, long story made short, define who the positive influences in your life are because you will want to talk non-stop sometimes. You will want to rant, you will want to vent your anger … and only a good friend with invisible ear muffs and caring facial twitches will suck out those attacks, and not think of you as a looney tune, and that same true friend would shake that session off and encourage the next round. I call them, my best friends …. every single one of them.

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  1. Carol says:

    Hi David great news!! Pleased to hear your in a great space:) & you are well!!!!

  2. Roy Potaha says:

    Awesome bro!!

  3. Pene Edwards says:

    That was a long journey for you Bro, Glad to know you aren’t going anywhere to soon, but living on a high of Positiveness 🙂 Live, Love & Laughter xo

    • Thanks Pene, and I am living on a high of something … not sure what and it could be this thing you refer to as ‘positiveness’.

      I know for a surety that I sleep on a bed at night, and I wear my shoes during the day. I’m going to take on board your advice to live, love and laugh … In that order!

  4. William Togiatama says:

    Were there any poisonous snakes, spiders, along the way? Was the desert hot in the day and freezing in the night? Was the seas stormy, rough and windy? Sometimes its the food we eat, too much food start to feel negative feelings, negative thoughts. Sometimes the brain and heart begins to expire, the brain and heart 20 or 30 years ago would had been 100% healthy. I exercise mountain bike often, helps me with my health, physically and mentally, people. Great news.

    • Poisonous snakes I caught, extracted the venom and mixed with my cereal. The spiders, I lasso’ed them using their butt spun web, and used them to catch flies for my pet toad.

      The desert was indeed hot during the day and freezing at night. Were you there as well? Did your eyes glow red at night, and did you howl like a wolf when the sun went down. You should have come and shared my fire with me you ding dong!

      The seas were stormy, rough and windy … but I changed the TV channel and watched the news instead.

      I don’t exercise my mountain bike at all, I chain it to a fence and let it rest … almost every day. Maybe that’s where I’ve gone wrong.

      Thanks for your advice, Willis McGillis.

  5. William Togiatama says:

    Must not forget, we have become civilized humans on planet earth. The uncivilized human race, people, a different type of story to tell. The planets in our galaxy solar system, i don’t think there are life forms. It’s either i’m too scared to share my experiences or I have forgotten what has happened before, which remains buried deep in the sand. Unfounded treasure, lost treasure.

    Plan A: Make sure there is 500 meters to a 1000 meters perimeter clearance right around the house if planning to live in the bush, forest. You want to become a billionaire, install fire sprinklers in the deep forest, installation measured by kilometers or miles. Using hundreds of thousands or perhaps tens of millions of fire sprinkler pipe tubes, metal or plastic. Measure kilometers or miles of bush, forest land and divide into square blocks. Plan B: Install underground fire sprinklers to all homes occupied in the bush, forest. Install fire sprinklers underground 200 meters or 500 meters away from the home. Idea can be used world wide. If you become rich, please give me half the world wide takings. Idea is yours not mines, copyright. My copyright, half world wide share takings.
    Good luck.

  6. William Togiatama says:

    Forest, bush home fire sprinklers must have powerful thrust bursting water 20 meters or 50 meters into the air. Invention forest, bush home underground fire sprinklers. World wide use.

  7. William Togiatama says:

    Another invention, add to all remote controls with a light similar to mobile phones. Watching tv in the dark using the remote control. The light will light up the buttons on the remote in the dark. Easy to see and press the correct channels or function buttons in the darkness, with the room light off. Worldwide use, remote controls with on off light switch.

  8. William Togiatama says:

    The fires i heard about it, i never watched on tv. Ideas to improve safety homes in the bush, forest. The snakes, sea storms, desert is imaginary story trying to escape the realities of real life. Happy, happy, keep smiling.

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