Niue Night

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October 22, 2012
20121022-182316.jpg I sent a probe into my brain last Thursday, and the surge of brilliance encouraged me to get a flight to Auckland to visit my sister and brother. My appetite for self sabotage wasn’t balanced at all, and I needed to seek some refuge to get myself into calmer waters. The picture I took over the weekend is from a Niuean Festival I attended on my sisters invitation. It was a simple envelope, scribbled with a message from the Niuean Elderly women who attended. On it, it says, that I was awarded $20 for being a good dancer, and because they didn’t know my name, they referred to me as the ‘man with the white shirt’. I’m sure this is how Michael Jackson felt when he was much much younger. I’m back in Sydney and the weather is no different to Auckland. The Rugby was a disappointing draw.

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  1. Roy Potaha says:

    Hi bro bit sad we did not catch up, but seeing you that morning for breakfast brought a smile to me just to see you are looking well..To bad I did not get to join you guys on the night out but hey you cant win them all..(hehehe) You need to go and learn to speak niuean.. Anyway maybe catch up with you next time your in town, love you..

  2. Carol says:

    You must have been good showing them all your moves!! Sounds like you had a great night, “man in the white shirt”

  3. Mars says:

    Koli mitaki = good dance
    Tagata tapulu sea = man in the white shirt
    It was a Niue ball for their constitution celebrations, and we all enjoyed the night. David even went up with another group of men to do the NZ haka and the Niue takalo. Good on you for trying! Love you xx

  4. tala says:

    im trying to make out what the other word least you got the good dancer title vita…i thought it was cute how they wrote it on the envelope instead of asking what was yr name..

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