David 1 vs Cancer 0

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October 17, 2013
20131018-210823.jpgI have been asked by a number of people as to what I did during the course of this cancer curse to align my health back to what I now consider to be normal. To some degree I have been reluctant to comment till now because the path I pursued was done so blindly, and I have been mindful that I could be placing a target on my back encouraging ‘haters’ to criticise what could be construed as false hope for others. Having thought about it some more, I think ‘hope’ is ‘hope’ is ‘hope’. And, what the hell is false hope? I’m not selling snake oil, in fact I’m going to tell you what I did during this spell of misfortune so that if someone else benefits from this recipe of life, then we stand to make a zillion dollars.

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  1. Margie says:

    Thank God for answering our prayers.

  2. Mel says:

    Hi glad you are doing so well:) How are you over the ditch keeping safe with all those bush fires I hope !!

  3. Caroline Thimonier French teacher says:

    Bravo David! Très heureuse pour vous! Cordialement, Caroline T.

  4. Roy Potaha says:

    Great to hear brah. Good to see you in good spirit once again.

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