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June 17, 2013
Our ends were beginnings … This blog is coming to an end, I have been told that the cancer is now NON DETECTABLE (awwwwwwwwwe-some) … I truly and sincerely have really appreciated the awesome support from you all. It has been a great experience knowing that friends and strangers alike will extend a helping hand, a thought, a comment, a nudge, a kick … Oddly, and I know you might seem it strange, I have had a small share of followers abuse / accuse me being a nutter and being so angry? Go figure? I was diagnosed with cancer. I believed I was going to die, because the cancer was aggressive, and for a time, was getting worse. The person whom I most trusted and expected to stand by my side … didn’t. This is my last post … thank you Blog for giving me an outlet.

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  1. barbara says:

    Dear David,
    I am so happy you won this war ! Saddly, you didn t have the right partner to live this with but I remember you told that you have wonderful children ! They are the most important and one day, you will find find the person you deserve ! God bless you !!!

  2. Roy Potaha says:

    Good on ya bro great news!!!

  3. Cheree says:

    That is indeed good news David. phew…. i know it doesnt bring back what you lost in the process but you will have gained as well as hold on to that. Its a new day:) You know where to find me if you want to talk….

  4. Cheree Shortland-Nuku says:

    I was thinking I might come see you later this year. What do you think?

  5. Lisa Dixon says:

    I understand a blog was posted for a short period of time at 9 pm last night. My response to this is they were the delusional fictitious rantings and they were quickly withdrawn in time before I showed my solicitor.

    • This is my private blog. Most of the information I share are with people who have opted in, and want to read my rants. Please feel free to opt out if the information contained is not to your approval. I am currently publishing my diaries / journal as a lot of the followers have expressed an interest in my writing style. I’m at a loss why your solicitor would need to be informed about my personal thoughts. I have not mentioned your name, nor made derogatory remarks about you. Please feel free to unsubscribe if you think my rants are offensive.

  6. Pete Raue says:

    Hi Dave,

    Well hopefully we can catch up soon. I have called/sms’d a few times and figured you were dealing with other things. Call me when you’re ready mate, and keep your chin up.


    Paisley Park Early Learning Centres

    Peter Raue

    The Paisley Park Ranger

    M: 0419 484 198

    PO Box 7007

    Baulkham Hills BC NSW 2153


  7. Mars says:

    really good news bro ..happy for you …momoko for what has happened ..thinking of u and love u lots xox little sister..

  8. Mars says:

    hahahahaha just read your scissors paper rock blog ….so funny …..hehehe …

  9. james27 says:

    That is truly wonderful news and a great blessing , enjoy life to the fullest with lots of laughter ( the best medicine there is ! ) love and fun . Take care xx

  10. Craig Wilson says:

    Awesome news David!

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