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May 12, 2012
Are title’s meant to mean anything, well I know this should mean something to someone out there. If not, the majority of you would have thought it was some new texting acronomyn … maybe? Short for ‘live’? I dunno … Anyway, I have been quite content with my newfound goal from the last post and have decided that I need a support team to help reach the tip of Mount Everest. I came to this conclusion after a cup of Cappuccino, so here I am thinking, who and what do I need on this adventure. I can’t do it alone as it will be freaky, especially if there’s a howling wolve (or bleating mountain goat) in the distance. I’ve watched enough horror movies to know that the screetching violins will soon follow and I will definitely need a spare pair of pants. Can I borrow someone else’s in the (extremely rare) event this happens, promise that I’ll return this item of clothing washed. I also need a ‘shoulder’, a broad one, not too broad, feminine but not easily bruised, so that I can load my burdens onto. I’m no cry baby so forget the tissues, bring them for yourself instead. I need a donkey or mule, … wait, a Stallion that can withstand high altitudes and carry alot of heavy supplies, a microwave, lobster, another horse with a chef, and … Mount Bloody Everest???!!!?, what am I thinking … lets start with ‘a mile’ first. Something a little more achievable. OK, let me get back to you on this one, while I revise my plan. Anyone seen my Nike shoes? Brad won today by the way, throwing in some nifty side-stepping dance moves around 4 of West Harbours best, to get a try for the Warringah Rats (34 vs 17). Really made my day! Ben also won his game for Barker College against Cranbrook School. I just knew I had try scoring genes in my DNA. I was wondering about something on the way to rugby this afternoon, I had driven past a lady perched over the open hatch of her station wagon. A large dog was tied to the tow bar, and the lady was blocking her nose with one hand while making sweeping motions with the other. Clearly, the dog had poo’ed in the car and she was ushering the dogs produce onto the road. It then struck me, why do we block our noses from bad odours, don’t we draw in the fog of stinky smell instead through our mouth? Eeeeewwww, tasty. Gotta go, and work out ways to LYV life to the fullest!

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  1. Roy Potaha says:

    Thats the way of thinking bro live life to the fullest!! “Remember today is today” and don’t worry about tomorrow or whats going to happen the following day or even a week ahead. We all strive to climb Everest in our day to day lifestyle. love you

  2. Pene Edwards says:

    Well, My pants would just fall off your butt!! (not that u would wear a chicks pants) Hahahaha….
    When ya ready to start your adventure, Where here!!! <3 Xxx

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