Last weeks Oncologist Appointment

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October 27, 2013
Cancer DoctorTo the unlearned an Oncologist is concerned with the diagnosis of Cancer, offering therapy, follow-up, writing an invoice with lots of digits to cover his mortgage repayments, and synchronising his, ‘aha’ with his, ‘I see’s. Peering over his glasses, and holding a fancy pen with his initials engraved on it. I was really chuffed with my appointment last Friday morning, because Doctor Henry Woo used the word, ‘mysterious’ in our conversation. My latest PSA reading was only 0.03 and it didn’t appear to be the effects of the radiotherapy that caused the cancer cells to dissipate, … because the ‘internal sunbathing, no wait, internal sun burning ‘ was done about 3 years ago. The word ‘mysterious’ may as well have been the word, ‘miracle’. I think Dr Woo was keeping religion out and science in, in his assessment. In fact, I reckon over a few Cognacs and a Cigar, playing Poker along with his medical associate mates, … I bet my name comes up and the conversation goes like this … ” … chaps, if I may interrupt our game for one brief moment, I have this good looking patient whose cancer has ‘mysteriously’ disappeared without any explainable medical reason. Shall I report it to the Medical Journal of Australia? If we all work on this one, I get first dips at the speech ceremony thingy …” All the while, I’m sure Dr Woo also has the Nobel Prize in his sights. My next blog post is going to cover the crazy diet I was on. I actually don’t have a name for it, like the Atkins Diet, or the Crazy Lemon Diet, Jenny Craig or whatever, … but once I find a PayPal image button, I’ll make it easy for you to send me donations.

5 Responses

  1. Roy Potaha says:

    Great news alright!!!!!

  2. Margie says:

    Thank God for healing

  3. Mel , James and Rob says:

    Nothing wrong with a miracle 🙂
    Just wish there were more of them in the world !
    Now what are you going to do with the next 50yrs of your life so many options !!!!!!????

  4. Princess says:

    Beautiful news sweetie ♡ Praise God He certainly wants you here for a specific purpose xo

  5. Mars says:

    wow, that is amazing ….0.03 ng/mL …. you are home safe with that PSA reading …I had to google it to see what it meant … so its all up from here then aye?

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