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October 10, 2012
I have four children who lean on me for emotional or financial support. There’s a time line that determines when your younger children will cherish the emotional support, and the ones who have reached 12 years plus are interested in a chaffeur and an endless wad of cash. Wish I was young again, but my parents were poor. I have learnt a number of skills in this phase of my life, lots of gourmet pizza’s, cooking the perfect mud crab, and blue swimmers, great healthy sandwiches with the best cold meats, salads and cheese, and lots of seafood, steamed. But, still not enough sleep. My daughter Jess came over this weekend and chipped in with her ‘support your daddy’ skills. I feel absolutely spoilt (and the credit card is now worn out), thanks Jess. Brad won 2 gold medals at Ju Jitsu, having fought 8 fights and winning 7 by submission and the last one on points. I think I can still clip him around the ears and get away with it?

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  1. Ria says:

    Kids makes all those sleepless nights, endless chores & bottomless supply of money all worth it! I think???

  2. tala says:

    congrats brad,two gold medals what an achievement,your posts are so inspirational vita,i always forward them on to frank to read n love reading them too,enjoy the sevens if you are watching,my son just told me that they were offered free tickets to the sevens by their school and he did not grab any cos he thought I didnt want to go,now who would pass up free tickets to the sevens if you ask me???

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