Flight to the long white cloud

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November 25, 2012
20121126-064559.jpg I’m sitting at Row 13 Seat B, which means I’m positioned in that unenviable place having a body on both sides of me. My elbows uncomfortably nudge my temporary neighbours, and it becomes a silent battle of wills as to who secures the arm rests which I consider to be prime real estate on this long journey. in fact, I only win this battle only because of my early push at the gate and I maintained pole position right up until the point my bladder calls and I had to go to the toilet 25 mins into the flight. Damn blaady bladder, who invented these organs anyway … I never got to taste the spoils of the arm rests for the duration of the flight after that. Anyway, I urge everyone to see the film titled, “Beasts of the Southern Wild”. If you watch it in the right frame of mind, you can be assured to cry while two grown men are sitting next to you. Here’s a film review, please click on it (it won’t make you pregnant): Click here One advantage sitting at seat 13B on a 737, is that it’s a an emergency exit row. This gives immediate access to the outside world if the plane makes an unexpected stop other than the tarmac. Plus it gives you that extra leg space. The downside …. the seat doesn’t lean back, I guess you’re expected to always be awake and alert when the plane spirals down into the ocean. Whhhheeeeeeeeeee!

4 Responses

  1. Cheech chong says:

    Cry baby cry baby

  2. Roy Potaha says:

    should of just blurt out in tears bro and play along with it then the two guys next to you will be dumb founded on what to do next and then slowly move your arms back on the rest and say ” wow” that bought back memories and chill back..

  3. Pene Edwards says:

    Should have just “FARTED”…..

  4. zora says:

    Thanks for the promo of Beasts of the Southern Wild- it looks awesome. Great blog David- glad to hear you are on the mend…

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