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June 4, 2012
Yup, that’s a picture of the pristine waters at Hawaii, and also a great view of my perspective on life. While everyone was splashing around in the water, I was taking a keen interest on the small things. The little fish were almost see through, and if you stared long enough, you would see a colony of them, or is that a school of them. Interesting that the people who collected words for the first English dictionary associated groups of fish with the house of learning and academics. Don’t they only have a 3 second memory? And how the hang did someone find that out? I just love the way the Japanese come up with clever brain games, I like Sudoku a lot. I read somewhere that you need to exercise the brain with mathematical and IQ type games to minimise the incidence of memory loss. I’ve reduced my sleeping tablet intake to minimise my troubling memory loss, this has been worrying. Im also doing Sudoku puzzles, to kick start the neurons. Once this works, I’ll look for my keys again. Tomorrows’ a big day, I find out the next set of lotto numbers that determine whether life has been sweet. I had a shave tonight so that the oncologist would think I’m half decent, and I’ve laid out my clothes similarly to someone attending a job interview. I hope I pass! Good night sweetos almatomichios. More evidence I should have been in the printing industry when the dictionary was being put together.

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  1. Ria Simona says:

    Omg I love playing puzzle & IQ games! Good to know it helps your memory. Now I need it to help me find my puzzle books. Where did I put them???

  2. Roy Potaha says:

    Crikey!! Thinking of those mind games and puzzles already popped a few brain cells I have left …

    Sudoku, I should of got you to show me how it works, so I too can enjoy those puzzles. Legs crossed, oh no it’s fingers aint it?

    … fongers crossed …

  3. Young Florida chick. says:

    I’m still better than you at Sudoku. But you still have the best stats ratio of perfect games.

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