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November 1, 2012
I was driving to North Sydney this afternoon, … and guess what was presented to me along the roadside? Some guy conducting a gold digging explorative search up his nose with his finger. What’s with these people? Isn’t it still an unsociable thing to do, or at least can’t they hide in some alley out of public view to do their business. I was almost compelled to call the police and report him for indecent exposure or at the very least, visual pollution. This sort of thing makes me ill. Hey, I have a lot of room for tolerance, and I’m happy to put up with this, if let’s say, you use any finger on your ‘left hand’. Reserve the right hand for those germ free handshakes, and for opening and closing doors, etc. Imagine giving someone a high five, only to find remnants of some green putty in your palms. Yuk!
20121101-195151.jpg I went to the gym this afternoon, really hoping that this exercise switch is back ‘on’. Also saw Rob from the local rugby club along with his gorgeous baby girl. He was signing back up, and I was returning from retirement. Immediately after the gym, I went and purchased this choice acoustic guitar. My last guitar was given away to a young boy who was learning to play at the time. Hopefully, he’s still deligently strumming those strings. Going to go find those dusty music books. Goodnight all.

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  1. Fiona Page says:

    Great to hear about the gym AND the new guitar purchase David – impressed!


  2. Roy Potaha says:

    Maybe that guy was the green goblin from spider man? tucking his suit back up his nostrils… 🙂
    good on ya getting back into the sport of things and the guitar is that a Valencia or a Cataluna brand guitar.. I am also learning to play the guitar like the old mans style back in the day..Hehehe…

  3. Carol Beeson says:

    Hi David
    Glad to hear you are getting back to the gym!!
    I’m with you on the gold digging If makes me sick too!! omg i hate it.
    I did a work out this morning it does make you feel good! keep it up 🙂
    Have a great weekend David take care xx

  4. Mars says:

    Roy is really good too ….hes collated together in a folder a collection of songs …
    Me on the other hand, I like singing ..
    Glad that you’re getting back into the gym too 😀

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