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May 21, 2012
Place one big tick next to: “Go to Prince Concert”. I saw him at Melbourne and the VIP seats were more than well worth the cost. Flavour Flav from Public Enemy stood and danced next to me for most of the night. At the bottom of this post is a section for “Leave a Reply”, I’m actually interested in what sort of things people have on their ‘must see – must do’ list. T minus 2 weeks before my next set of blood tests. Why does it feel like judgement day every 3 months? I’m compelled to share Bens’ rugby game last weekend (as I do with Brads’) because the little bugger scored his first try for the season. The Barker forward pack were rucking the ball at the opponents 22 mark, when Ben picked the ball and ran for the try line. He ran into and past four of the opposition players. He had a clear passage towards the try line, when one of the other boys sprinted and shoulder charged him. Penalty was given to Barker and with a quick tap, the ball was handed to Ben who railroaded through the defense line, with three of them hanging onto this little locomotive. What an awesome Saturday, once again! This is just as therapeutic as a 30 minute gym session. I get the clearance tomorrow whether or not, I can resume the gym after the Gall Bladder operation about 4 weeks ago. I love the way magicians are able to conjure up these amazing tricks that have you wondering how precisely they did it. Some people use cards, hats, rabbits and ribbons, some use ‘trust’. Although I can never understand it, ‘trust’ should never be laundered with any form of trickery, it’s just one of those accessories that glitter in its’ purest form. If you repeatedly introduce a flaw, it will never have the same value. Why am I waffling about magic tricks and trust, you ask? Well, just because. A big gratifying thank you hug to Isobel, who unexpectedly called out to me, “You’re looking great!” yesterday while she was working at the Coonanburra Cafe. Hey, even guys appreciate these feel good comments. Now I want to check out every woof whistle, never know, it could be for me … from a girl!

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  1. 1. Go to a real football/ soccer game in europe
    2. Go on a long cruise
    3. Wouldn’t mind going to the caribbean
    4. Olympics or football world cup
    5. Go to hawaii with my surf board

  2. Thanks for writing about the trust metaphor too!. It glitters pretty well too 🙂

  3. Deano says:

    Have a beer with my old mate Dave Dixon

  4. Anja says:

    I hope your blood tests comes out good.
    Here is my list, that hopefully one day it will happen.

    1) Just to live my life and worry about bills.
    2) To buy the house that I’m Renting.
    3) Go on the Queen Mary 2.
    4) To buy a new VW Golf.
    5) Go on a long holiday.

  5. Deanna says:

    1. go to Australia – did that:)
    2. meet the pope
    3. write a book
    4. skydive
    5. see the grand canyon
    6. become a grandmother
    there’s more, but they get evenmore mundane. Say hi to my pumpkin and way to go Ben!

  6. MelanieBradbury says:

    Hi immm
    For my James to come back, as the James I love and know [David you will know what I mean there].
    To own a car younger than me and with less dents [you can stop laughing now David! ]
    Hot air balloon ride
    To go back to the South of Italy but I think it won’t be as I remember it so perhaps best left there !
    Thinking of you re the blood test stressful I KNOW but remember its only looking at a SMALL part of what is happenmng not necessary the whole picture xxxxx

  7. MelanieBradbury says:

    Oh and for my spelling to improve !!!LOL !!!!

  8. Young Florida chick. says:

    I lied. I have one thing on my bucket list.
    To pull a fire alarm, without consequences of course.

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