My mind is kinda blank

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May 7, 2012
No, literally … my mind is blank. Usually I would find something to grumble about or make some comment on, but today I just don’t want to think at all. It’s a conscience effort so that I only have to react to stimuli that prompts me to action. I was hoping I could sit still and everything simply revolved around me, and I just a silent observer. The plan didn’t work this way at all. I came into work and nothing is more distressing for a internet telecommunication business than to have it’s internet and communications out of action. The internets back up, but the emails are only sending, not receiving. I have my trusty Chilean IT friend helping me out on this one. Well, not before he reminded me that his rates somewhat doubled for DIY’ers. He was right, I solved one problem but inadvertantly created another. Here’s a plug for his business hoping that the words “mates rates” ring in his ears while he’s writing out the invoice a little later this evening. Metronix Computer Support – Call me for great computer support, hardware and software, and I’ll give my mate David free IT services!

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  1. MelanieBradbury says:

    Oh dear love !! Luckily I have enough going on in mine for both of us !! I have hours of study to get thru if you were here i would be putting you to work !! xx

  2. Thats precisely what I’m trying to avoid … work!

  3. Roy Potaha says:

    Just chill back and relax, don’t worry bout anything bro.

    • MelanieBradbury says:

      Well then get over here and be on Tea duty my brain is hurting !!!! Yes chocolate is now needed !!Yes Rob has left me a big block for said emergency’s !!

  4. Pene Edwards says:

    Bloody Hell!! Staying home with a Blank mind, might have been the better choice 🙂 hehehe

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