My Minds’ Power to Heal.

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November 9, 2013
20131109-183642.jpgI’ve covered my nutritional diet and now I’m going to touch on the mind, soul and spirits’ involvement with my healing, and this is where it gets a little difficult because I don’t want to convey anything more than my own testament that I believe this had a significant effect for me. Here’s how it went down, I remembered that while I was drifting through the ‘eye of the storm’ (with depression and anxiety weaving it’s ugly tentacles around me), I often had a small window of clarity at times that would allow me to engage in my own meditation session. This was horribly hard and often involved an internal battle with one part of me saying this was utter nonsense, and another part of me begging to have the strength and faith to simply ‘believe’ … simply ‘believe’ … and simply ‘believe’ … in this witchery. I just wanted an ounce of that same belief ‘virus’ that makes the Amish visualise horse and buggies as the only rocket launchers on this planet. Infect me now, godamit, infect me now with that belief bug! Pushing my understanding in science and reasoning to one aside became easier over time and this part of my senses would eventually be over-taken by a blind faith that thinking of something several times would turn that same thought into a belief, and that belief would cause my blood cells to react and behave accordingly to heal … But this only came full on, on a few magic occasions. It was like eating oysters for the first time, and eureka, ‘this is so delicious’! …. But when faced with this same ‘snot of the sea’ at a later time, sitting on a bed of ice, you involuntary shudder at the culinary prospect of sliding these down your throat again. It does get easier. Much much easier, I love oysters, crayfish and mud crabs! The low down; find a quiet place, lie or sit down, make yourself comfortable, close your eye’s, listen and focus on your breathing, then start to imagine images that you can best relate to that show YOU that your body is healing. Breathe in good air, breathe out the poison air, imagine it, imagine and start to BELIEVE that this is happening. Do this at every opportunity you can, doesn’t matter if you drift off, or you momentarily lose focus, but keep at it. By the way, I drive a Jeep not a horse and buggy. My internal anti-virus program is solid.

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  1. Mel , James and Rob says:

    Glad all is going well David , the power of the mind is a BIG thing !!

  2. Mars says:

    Great news bro. Will be a huge change when I see you ….looking forward to it …love you lots bro xox
    PS – nofo ti (pronounced see) malolo kia.

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