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April 5, 2013

20130405-224403.jpgWell folks, here’s the image of a potential cocktail of death lollies which in a momentary lapse of judgement or sanity could be extremely dangerous. ‘Stilnox’ was suspected as the possible cause of death for our infamous thespian joker, Heath Ledger. I liked Heath a lot, such a sudden and early loss to the Australian Acting Industry and to his family. Oh, and guess what? I have a packet of these candies in my medicine cabinet. I can take these at my leisure to assist with my troubling insomnia. Meanwhile, I tether and try to cope with my depression, I have to muster the strength not to self diagnose with too much Stilnox, which can be tempting during my dark moments. Go figure? I take Zoloft for the depression, and if that doesn’t work, I can chew my troubles away with Stilnox. I have decided to stop taking Stilnox as I completely lost one day this week. Ziltch, zero, nothing … I have no memory nor recollection from Tuesday noon till Wednesday night. Funny thing is that I experienced what they refer to as a side effect to the drug … ‘sleep walking’ … and of all places I gravitated to the local train station, watched trains, and somehow ended back home after 10pm on Tuesday. Brad offered me this insight the next day because he said I explained how I went bush walking and eventually sat down to keep watch on the timetable. I can’t remember a damn thing, except the trains, and I thought it was a dream. Everything else is a total blank. I actually woke up in a daze on Wednesday, believing it was still Tuesday. Gotta laugh, … yup, gotta laugh, now. Not sure how I navigated my way across 6 lanes of road to get where I was heading to, and back safely? Perhaps there was a carnage, flaming cars, and wreckage left in my wake, … I just don’t know. Last night, I set the iPad on YouTube and searched for a variety of ‘Meditation for Insomnia’ results. I played 3 different meditations, each one giving me about an hour of sleep in between each one. I’m sure I’ll find one that will set me to a deeper more lengthy slumber … one night … one night soon. On a final note, anyone seen the movie, Silver Lining Playbook? I totally relate to it, it was well directed and absolutely brilliant. The girl was in ‘Hunger Games’ and I’m sure everyone knows Bradley Cooper.

20130405-232300.jpg Love Hurts. Click here to watch the trailer!

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  1. Carol says:

    Hi David
    Keep smiling! Good tonic! & take a nice long walk!!
    All the best carol xx

  2. Roy Potaha says:

    yea seen that movie bro about the dude and his Bipolar problems he was going through in his day to day life, sounds familiar aye. keep on the positive track, even still come to NZ and we can go visit my friend that help me see things differently in life. Love ya

  3. William Togiatama says:

    It was a dream, medication don’t do that to people. They wont be selling the stuff in the pharmacies if those were the side effects.

  4. Pene Edwards says:

    Glad you stop taking that shit (Stilnox), only makes people worse off then they are!! Bloody Doctors prescribing meds williy nilly!! So in saying that well done to you. Keep well Bruh xo

  5. Mars says:

    Hey bro …have you tried a massage for your insomnia?

    • William Togiatama says:

      What type of massage are you talking about? There are several types.

      Causes of Insomnia

      Insomnia is a symptom that comes along with several health problem. A person may have difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep even though the opportunity to do so is present. Since it is a symptom, it is important to determine the origin of it’s cause. For some, it can be due to stress and anxiety. When trying to fall asleep, they are unable to switch off the brains and feel troubled by worries. They can start to panic, get heart palpitation and have a hard time taking deep full breaths with ease. Pretty hard to fall asleep when you feel like this. For others, it can be due to physical pain. Their aching body may not allow them to stay in one comfortable position long enough for them to fall asleep causing them to toss and turn throughout the entire night. Another source for insomnia can originate from indigestion. It has been noted that a lot of people with irritable bowl syndrome often have insomnia. More common problems like heartburn could also keep them from catching some z’s since it can cause a lot of discomfort. When we look at the person as a whole, we can often find all these linking together. Head stresses can cause stomach problems and tired achy muscles, physical pain can stress us out affecting our stomachs, indigestion can tire our minds taking away energy to deal with physical pain and so on and so forth. We can get stuck in a viscous circle where this keeps us from sleeping at a moment where we need the rest and repair benefits the most.

      How Massage can Help

      If you choose to go for a massage to help with your insomnia it is very important to discuss with the therapist the source of your insomnia. This will be done at the beginning of the treatment when opening the file. If you have determined that the cause is stress, then the therapist will be able to proceed with a relaxation massage calming your mind, slowing down your breathing and heart rate. If the reason is physical pain then they can give a more therapeutic massage to alleviate the discomforts. In this case, the massage will rid the muscles of tension, reduce inflammation, ease joint pain while increasing blood and lymph so that nutrients are brought to the cells and tissue damage can be repaired. For most digestive problems a stomach massage can be added to the treatment to relax indigestion and the calming effects will also soothe many stomach ailments. The general well being effects massage has to offers can help with a variety of problems and once we take care of these our sleep patterns are improved giving us more energy to stay healthy and avoid that these problems come back.

      Massage is simply a good resource for us to get back on track with good sleep and to improve our health and well being. If you suffer from restless nights, it should be considered.

      Massage for Anxiety
      Massage for Fibromyalgia

    • William Togiatama says:

      I had forgotten to leave the writers editors name on the end of the page. Because I had copied it from an online website and pasted into reply blog section, here. The meaning of “Causes of Insomnia” and the meaning of “Massage helps insomnia” Sorry copyright infringement act, sorry a few years later to admit it. My english is not masters doctorate level enough to leave such comments.

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