QuicksandWhy is it called quicksand, when it fact, there’s nothing quick about it at all? This lead me to el pronto google the topic and discovered a number of things that just blew my mind. OK, straying right now and I know I’ve blown a few candles in my time, but I’ve never successfully projected a breathe of air towards anyone’s mind. So I’m still waiting for my mind to be blown and I’ll also be happy to reciprocate the ‘mind blowing’ experience. A Tsunami hit the poor Solomon Islands this week, blew a lot of things away. Back to the quicksand. Here’s a couple of misconceptions about the wet sand. The more you struggle the faster you sink. If you just relax, your body will float in it because your body is less dense than the quicksand. Quicksand is not quite the fearsome force of nature that you sometimes see on the big screen. In fact, the treacherous grit is rarely deeper than a few feet. If you step into quicksand, it won’t suck you down. However, your movements will cause you to dig yourself deeper into it. My brief fascination about this was stirred when I was watching the movie ‘Apolcalypto’, seen it about 3 times, really enjoy it. Those of you who learnt to speak ‘Yucateco’ at school (a form of Mayan dialect) can switch the subtitles off because it can be a little annoying. Fare well and, Jach Dyos bo’otik.

Damn you, damn you all

Just watched Planet of the Apes on Channel ONE. The blog title is the last line of script voiced by Charlton Heston as he dropped to his knees onto the sand, with the voiceless hot, hot, super hot chick behind him, … realising that the Statue of Liberty was evidence that he had returned to earth. Love that movie … it will never age! Incidentally, The Planet of the Apes was mentioned in my very first blog entry on March 20, 2012. Click here to be beamed over to my 1st blog entry. I posted the map to the forbidden zone, so only hard core ape movie buffs would have twigged onto this tease. Life-Of-Pi-PosterYou know what’s better than the movie ‘Life of PI’? Oh yeeeaaaah, … watching the movie in 3D, no kidding! I’ve always been guilty of 3D racism, giving this visual foreplay a generous dose of poo-poo-ing. The cardboard frames hugging the green and reddish plastic tints … Oh gawd, it was painful. I could have sued the movie makers for making my eyes scream of 3D overdose, with almost everything jumping, leaping, and exploding within inches of my reachable visual depth. But now, or at least the theatre I went to, we received a pretty sleek pair of glasses that looked like from arms length to be emitting pulsating light bursts within the lens. They had those small watch batteries in the frame that gave me confidence that these were ultra techno cool gadgets. Ummm, better get my eye balls checked … could be another cause for cancer in the eye? Loved the movie and for those who have seen it, I believed the tiger story! 10 outta 10. Amen, Amin, Hari Om and ‘so mote it be’.

Shark Fins

Ban Shark Fin SoupJust curious, do people use the fin for anything else? With all this focus on soup, we might be creating a generation of smarties who will conjure up shark fin jelly, sandwiches or vegemite and shark fin extract to side step this ban. We should ban shark fin harvesting full stop for whatever reason! I’m surprised that the folk who relish this dish don’t actually eat the rest of it. As they’re very resourceful in consuming almost everything else that clucks, has 6 legs’ or oinks. Sure go ahead and regulate the hunting of sharks, but also why not eat the whole damn thing when you catch it. Personally, I’m not fond of sharks because despite what people say they do look menacing, but I jot this down to my own ignorance. Surfboards with chomps in them, severed limbs and razor sharp teeth have fed my imagination and fears to heights beyond this planet. And I’m not going to face my fears by swimming or riding one. I’m afraid for the day when protesters don signs reading, “Ban Cockroach Wing Soup”, by then we would really have scraped the bottom of the food chain barrel and we deserve to be punished. Hopefully, we would have changed the destructive path to our selfish culinary delights to more sustainable levels. Cheerio, I have a can of shredded chicken to muscle open.

Cancer Update

Holiday I’ve been forgetful of late and have failed to give you all an update of my progress on the Cancer front. [Insert the virtual drum roll, a touch of harp, and a tingle or two on the triangle]. My PSA results levelled in December last year, after 2 consecutive drops over 9 months, which brings the count to just above the thin red line. This is ecstatic news especially since I honestly thought I was sitting in the transit lounge for the death-bus (or the upgraded burning Viking ship). I recall the oncologist telling me the great news, but he didnt want me to over react just in case… the nature of Cancer is such that it can bounce back up again at anytime. But the longer it levels out or continues on this downward trend, it gives me hope. On another positive note, I treated myself to a weeks holiday last week after working over the Christmas and New Years holidays. It was relaxing, groovy, fabulous and “everything” positively good. Before I sign off today, I’d like to thank everyone who supported me and remained close while I had journeyed through this dark tunnel. The light is indeed within sight. I couldn’t hope to scratch the surface of gratitude to those who listened to my fears, to those who kept in contact despite my rantings about nothing reasonable nor sensible, to those who saw me cry, to those who kept me at a distance when all I wanted to do was thump someone or anyone, to those who offered positive words or just smiled. Thank you! Oh, and I forgive those who unknowingly made insensitive comments, … gotta laugh, it’s funny now!

Mental as …

20130405-224403.jpgWell folks, here’s the image of a potential cocktail of death lollies which in a momentary lapse of judgement or sanity could be extremely dangerous. ‘Stilnox’ was suspected as the possible cause of death for our infamous thespian joker, Heath Ledger. I liked Heath a lot, such a sudden and early loss to the Australian Acting Industry and to his family. Oh, and guess what? I have a packet of these candies in my medicine cabinet. I can take these at my leisure to assist with my troubling insomnia. Meanwhile, I tether and try to cope with my depression, I have to muster the strength not to self diagnose with too much Stilnox, which can be tempting during my dark moments. Go figure? I take Zoloft for the depression, and if that doesn’t work, I can chew my troubles away with Stilnox. I have decided to stop taking Stilnox as I completely lost one day this week. Ziltch, zero, nothing … I have no memory nor recollection from Tuesday noon till Wednesday night. Funny thing is that I experienced what they refer to as a side effect to the drug … ‘sleep walking’ … and of all places I gravitated to the local train station, watched trains, and somehow ended back home after 10pm on Tuesday. Brad offered me this insight the next day because he said I explained how I went bush walking and eventually sat down to keep watch on the timetable. I can’t remember a damn thing, except the trains, and I thought it was a dream. Everything else is a total blank. I actually woke up in a daze on Wednesday, believing it was still Tuesday. Gotta laugh, … yup, gotta laugh, now. Not sure how I navigated my way across 6 lanes of road to get where I was heading to, and back safely? Perhaps there was a carnage, flaming cars, and wreckage left in my wake, … I just don’t know. Last night, I set the iPad on YouTube and searched for a variety of ‘Meditation for Insomnia’ results. I played 3 different meditations, each one giving me about an hour of sleep in between each one. I’m sure I’ll find one that will set me to a deeper more lengthy slumber … one night … one night soon. On a final note, anyone seen the movie, Silver Lining Playbook? I totally relate to it, it was well directed and absolutely brilliant. The girl was in ‘Hunger Games’ and I’m sure everyone knows Bradley Cooper.

20130405-232300.jpg Love Hurts. Click here to watch the trailer!