At 12 past 12, 12th day of Dec, I was driving out of the work car park. Nothing particularly dazzling or significant about this but the cosmic boost of energy at this precise moment got me to the gym without complaint. I googled 12/12/1212, which meant our focus today 2012 has really been on the ‘poor cousin’ of this more powerful combo of numbers. And, nothing happened on that day either. At the time of typing this, it appears we all survived the end of the Mayan Calendar. The solar flare must have burst it’s bubble on the other side of the sun, and the deadly meteorite tapped a bit of space junk, enough to hurl it towards that fake planet Pluto. No disrespect to the girl who actually named Pluto, I thought it was Walt Disney. So glad I didn’t borrow any money to build that underground bunker, I guess there’s going to be a whole bunch of these on eBay at a bargain price. Stick one on a sturdy tree and you have a cool tree house for the kids or a flood proof man cave. End of World predictions? … “You don’t have to be really smart to figure out everyone’s been wrong up till now,” that’s why I must be smart. I’m so tough, I wasn’t afraid of the end of the world, I was more worried about the impeding zombie race and teenage vampires and man-wolves.