The Human Race

I watched a documentary recently, and one thing I learnt was that almost every species on PLANET EARTH engages in homosexual activity. However, we humans are the only one’s who have made homophobia a contentious and frequent topic of discussion. You gotta love the Discovery Channel. We would also have to be the dumbest species to have the word ‘suicide’ added into our vocabulary. I could be wrong, but I’ve yet to witness a bug fly directly into a spiders web having considered that all his options in life had come to an end, or a grizzly bear precariously balanced over the edge of some cliff not coping with the breakdown of relationship with mama bear. It’s got to easier being a monkey, my main worries would simply be where I would get my next bunch of bananas. I love bananas in my smoothie, and I love mangoes … though I’m not sure if monkeys love mangoes? It’s Bens 13th birthday this weekend and my credit card magnetic strip is poised for the anticipated wear and tear. He’s already called this morning and all I can remember is XBox, Star Wars Lego, Halo and Assassins Creed. The list was much longer, I doubt he will be concentrating on school work today. Catcha’s