Cancer Update

Holiday I’ve been forgetful of late and have failed to give you all an update of my progress on the Cancer front. [Insert the virtual drum roll, a touch of harp, and a tingle or two on the triangle]. My PSA results levelled in December last year, after 2 consecutive drops over 9 months, which brings the count to just above the thin red line. This is ecstatic news especially since I honestly thought I was sitting in the transit lounge for the death-bus (or the upgraded burning Viking ship). I recall the oncologist telling me the great news, but he didnt want me to over react just in case… the nature of Cancer is such that it can bounce back up again at anytime. But the longer it levels out or continues on this downward trend, it gives me hope. On another positive note, I treated myself to a weeks holiday last week after working over the Christmas and New Years holidays. It was relaxing, groovy, fabulous and “everything” positively good. Before I sign off today, I’d like to thank everyone who supported me and remained close while I had journeyed through this dark tunnel. The light is indeed within sight. I couldn’t hope to scratch the surface of gratitude to those who listened to my fears, to those who kept in contact despite my rantings about nothing reasonable nor sensible, to those who saw me cry, to those who kept me at a distance when all I wanted to do was thump someone or anyone, to those who offered positive words or just smiled. Thank you! Oh, and I forgive those who unknowingly made insensitive comments, … gotta laugh, it’s funny now!

Worlds Best Present

20121226-162459.jpg This is what a beautiful six year old girl gets you for Christmas. An exercise book with 8 FREE pages, so I can write a little bit more of my own story. I guess this is a reflection of what is important and rich in her own life. She loves to write stories and believes everyone around her does the same. You have to dig the multiple coloured Post-It Notes, a symbol of high organisational skills. Was she trying to say I need it, or that this supply would compliment my existing inventory? I put Google to the test this morning and found this quaint Scottish Restaurant over at West Ryde this morning. I didn’t order a lot of brekkie type food, only savoured a coffee and moved on.

Book Club

20121201-163941.jpg I’ve infiltrated the secret society of book readers, and successfully passed the ritual rights of passage (paddles, tar and feathers). I am now a fully fledged member of literary giants. They call it a ‘book club’, I think it’s a secret poet society thing. After about six months, it’s now my turn to choose a book to appease the savagery lust of these eye candy seekers. That’s where the pic image to the left comes into play. Admittedly, my ploy was unravelling because I had struggled in the earlier assigned books to read anything in its entirety, so I chose a book that had less than 200 pages, and as a bonus, there was a DVD. I got both from Amazon for £19. I CAN read a book with less than 200 pages within 2 months …. I hope!

Flight to the long white cloud

20121126-064559.jpg I’m sitting at Row 13 Seat B, which means I’m positioned in that unenviable place having a body on both sides of me. My elbows uncomfortably nudge my temporary neighbours, and it becomes a silent battle of wills as to who secures the arm rests which I consider to be prime real estate on this long journey. in fact, I only win this battle only because of my early push at the gate and I maintained pole position right up until the point my bladder calls and I had to go to the toilet 25 mins into the flight. Damn blaady bladder, who invented these organs anyway … I never got to taste the spoils of the arm rests for the duration of the flight after that. Anyway, I urge everyone to see the film titled, “Beasts of the Southern Wild”. If you watch it in the right frame of mind, you can be assured to cry while two grown men are sitting next to you. Here’s a film review, please click on it (it won’t make you pregnant): Click here One advantage sitting at seat 13B on a 737, is that it’s a an emergency exit row. This gives immediate access to the outside world if the plane makes an unexpected stop other than the tarmac. Plus it gives you that extra leg space. The downside …. the seat doesn’t lean back, I guess you’re expected to always be awake and alert when the plane spirals down into the ocean. Whhhheeeeeeeeeee!

Niue Night

20121022-182316.jpg I sent a probe into my brain last Thursday, and the surge of brilliance encouraged me to get a flight to Auckland to visit my sister and brother. My appetite for self sabotage wasn’t balanced at all, and I needed to seek some refuge to get myself into calmer waters. The picture I took over the weekend is from a Niuean Festival I attended on my sisters invitation. It was a simple envelope, scribbled with a message from the Niuean Elderly women who attended. On it, it says, that I was awarded $20 for being a good dancer, and because they didn’t know my name, they referred to me as the ‘man with the white shirt’. I’m sure this is how Michael Jackson felt when he was much much younger. I’m back in Sydney and the weather is no different to Auckland. The Rugby was a disappointing draw.