Cancer Cures

We are surrounded by a protective layer of film, which bounces off negative vibes, rays and laser beams each day. Most people are oblivious to this and naturally go through their day to day activities allowing this natural phenomenon do what it’s suppose to do.

We suck in the compliments, absorb the positive feedback and conversely cringe at any criticism or associations with bad experiences or pain.

I have my own cocoon, and I have worked hard at constructing this protective shell delving back on all the good things that would keep me focused on keeping my head above water. This has been a struggling and difficult project over the past 6 to 8 months. Everyone tells me that is is a good plan for curbing the cancer.

In fact, almost everyone have their tales of cancer curing remedies, which they have either read or heard about. The cocoon is the one I best relate to, the frog legs and toad eyes will have to wait until these become commercially available.

Maintaining a positive outlook requires a lot of skill, and I don’t have the time to attain ‘Gandhi’ nor ‘Dalai Lama’ status before I’m set off on a burning Viking ship.

Incidentally, I found this cool site
And was wondering if anyone can read ‘Viking’, I just don’t want to finish the boat with a stray wooden peg or two when I finish?

I also need some good quality straw and a match.