Ok, I didn’t think I could top my breakfast today, but hey, I had a late lunch, early dinner comprising New Zealand Clams, and Green lipped muscles. I’m still missing the fresh baguette though and some sort of tomato base sauce. The shallots and ginger gave it a nice tasty tinge.



This was breakfast this morning. A little unorthodox, but with a nice salad, plenty of lemon juice and a commercially bottled Mango Chilli dressing from Woolworths, it was actually quite tasty. I was a little disappointed with the Scampi, because only about 25% of the entire body length is actually edible. I did wrap it in foil, sprinkled it with sea salt, and steamed it, … and boy, the juices were absolutely delectable. I don’t think you can even bottle this delicious juice because you really need to slurp it while warm, fresh and with the right weight of seasoning. A fresh baguette would have been handy though. For the uninitiated, female crabs have the most delicious meat, no different to humans really, and you can identify the gender of these delicacies by flipping the underside of the crab and making a visual check of the triangle flap on the underside. The females are larger than the males. Please don’t try to flip a female human, as it may be the last thing you remember. No way, that lunch is even going to match this feast, so I might have to skip it!

The Human Race

I watched a documentary recently, and one thing I learnt was that almost every species on PLANET EARTH engages in homosexual activity. However, we humans are the only one’s who have made homophobia a contentious and frequent topic of discussion. You gotta love the Discovery Channel. We would also have to be the dumbest species to have the word ‘suicide’ added into our vocabulary. I could be wrong, but I’ve yet to witness a bug fly directly into a spiders web having considered that all his options in life had come to an end, or a grizzly bear precariously balanced over the edge of some cliff not coping with the breakdown of relationship with mama bear. It’s got to easier being a monkey, my main worries would simply be where I would get my next bunch of bananas. I love bananas in my smoothie, and I love mangoes … though I’m not sure if monkeys love mangoes? It’s Bens 13th birthday this weekend and my credit card magnetic strip is poised for the anticipated wear and tear. He’s already called this morning and all I can remember is XBox, Star Wars Lego, Halo and Assassins Creed. The list was much longer, I doubt he will be concentrating on school work today. Catcha’s

Niue Night

20121022-182316.jpg I sent a probe into my brain last Thursday, and the surge of brilliance encouraged me to get a flight to Auckland to visit my sister and brother. My appetite for self sabotage wasn’t balanced at all, and I needed to seek some refuge to get myself into calmer waters. The picture I took over the weekend is from a Niuean Festival I attended on my sisters invitation. It was a simple envelope, scribbled with a message from the Niuean Elderly women who attended. On it, it says, that I was awarded $20 for being a good dancer, and because they didn’t know my name, they referred to me as the ‘man with the white shirt’. I’m sure this is how Michael Jackson felt when he was much much younger. I’m back in Sydney and the weather is no different to Auckland. The Rugby was a disappointing draw.

Dolphins at Refuge Bay

20121016-061552.jpg What an awesome sight, while taking out friends on the boat over the weekend, around 12 to 15 dolphins swam into the bay. A few even came close to the boat, and almost everyone were in awe at this graceful setting on a beautiful Sunday morning. I’ve never seen dolphins in Sydney, let alone a bay along the Hawkesbury river. We immediately nicknamed one ‘Scar’ as her dorsal fin was jagged. We maintained our interest in Scar’s movement in the water creating stories for this creature as we watched her circling in the bay. Do I have to go to work this morning?