Tues, 4th April – Flying to Hawaii

Things sometimes fall into place in hindsight, and this was quite evident as I sat on a flight from Sydney to Honolulu. Grabbing a paper tissue and a childs texta, I applied some simple calculus and some quantum physics (according to the Gospel of Google), and I discovered that I had experienced time travel. I left Sydney on Tuesday 9:30pm and arrived in Hawaii on the same Tuesday but at 11am. Whoohoo, I get to enjoy Tuesday again. If only I could go back a couple of decades so I could re-adjust my lifestyle and avoid or prepare for this journey which I’m undertaking. But what would I change? No one seems to know how Prostate Cancer is acquired. Did someone sneeze on me while travelling on a train late one night from Central? In which case, I would avoid trains … and wear long neck skivvies for the rest of my days. I would probably still be single today because I would have chosen an orange one. If you get a chance, please watch ‘A Little Bit of Heaven’, with Kate Hudson (new release).

Cancer Cures

We are surrounded by a protective layer of film, which bounces off negative vibes, rays and laser beams each day. Most people are oblivious to this and naturally go through their day to day activities allowing this natural phenomenon do what it’s suppose to do.

We suck in the compliments, absorb the positive feedback and conversely cringe at any criticism or associations with bad experiences or pain.

I have my own cocoon, and I have worked hard at constructing this protective shell delving back on all the good things that would keep me focused on keeping my head above water. This has been a struggling and difficult project over the past 6 to 8 months. Everyone tells me that is is a good plan for curbing the cancer.

In fact, almost everyone have their tales of cancer curing remedies, which they have either read or heard about. The cocoon is the one I best relate to, the frog legs and toad eyes will have to wait until these become commercially available.

Maintaining a positive outlook requires a lot of skill, and I don’t have the time to attain ‘Gandhi’ nor ‘Dalai Lama’ status before I’m set off on a burning Viking ship.

Incidentally, I found this cool site http://www.sjolander.com/viking/plans/
And was wondering if anyone can read ‘Viking’, I just don’t want to finish the boat with a stray wooden peg or two when I finish?

I also need some good quality straw and a match.

13 weeks …

The test results were fantastic, at least this is my personal assessment. The PSA results increased by a small amount and for those who do not know what PSA means … it’s the yard stick doctors use to determine how much cancer is floating in your blood stream. It’s like counting how many goals your favourite sports person has achieved. The number might be static in some weeks, while in other weeks it may increase. My cancer is like that, it will never go away, but it will rest abit and offer me some reprieve, and then it will rise again. For the past 6 months, my PSA had been doubling, and at that rate it was projected to reach the heavens taking me along for the ride at the same time. I’m of course ignoring the oncologists’ response at the time he delivered this information. He made a remark at how the figure was suspicious, and I’m not sure whether I was meant to hear that. I’m hoping he meant “goodness me, I didn’t expect this result and although it’s hard to believe, this young man is on his way to full recovery”. And so, all in all, the results today tell me that I’m ok, and I should live life well for another 3 months before the next test. So lock up your daughters … I’m thinking I could go out and ‘partay’ tonight, … … but I’m too tired.

Secret Coffee Powers

I barely slept a good part of an hour last night. I had decided to cut back on one nights dosage of ‘Stilnox’. For the uninitiated, these are sleeping pills. Ordinarily, my description of this pill would suffice and end here, but I have it on good source that ‘Stilnox’ has been linked to hallucinations, short term memory loss and unexplained sleep walking. All of which I’m eagerly waiting to experience so I can report back to everyone if it is indeed true. So for the greater part of today, I walked around as a zombie. My visual senses were active, I responded to my surrounding stimuli but I think my internal GPS was faulty. The voices in my head just lead me blindly from one activity to another with no planned purpose. Today, I overheard someone confess they did not like wearing pants, I also enjoyed a coffee and had a brief but nourishing conversation with someone who also felt a yearning to chat. I learnt that the human spirit is attracted to all things good and positive. My son Brad reminded me that although events in his life may not always come to fruition and that it can be sometimes frustrating, his experiences shared can be a learning block for someone else. It’s now late and I’m going to have another shot at sleeping. Where are you ‘Stilnox’? Come to daddy!

Why is it Dark?

This year I will turn 50, heading steadily closer into the realms of dimentia and uncontrolled bodily functions. Making a nuisance of myself, and forever asking people to repeat themselves and generally being grumpy. I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2009, what most refer to as an old man’s disease, however this view is progressively changing as more younger men are inflicted at an earlier age. I consider myself one of these ‘younger men’. I have undergone Radical Prostatectomy (and there’s nothing radical about this procedure, other than the Prostate Gland being surgically removed). I’ve also had Radiotherapy everyday for 6 weeks. This latter session did not make my urine bright green nor grant me any super human powers. Today is a low day for me. In fact most days are neatly classified into good or bad one’s now. Two months ago, my doctor prescribed anti-depressant pills. I did find this a little difficult to swallow, but have come to understand that anxiety and depression are indeed ‘real’ and ‘crippling’ symptoms. On days like these, I feel quite content to disappear into the void of non-existence. And at times, call on those elusive aliens to beam me up into their space craft and take me away. Mental note: avoid the anal probe.