Great News

Unbelievable results today everyone, the cancer count has dropped. Yessiree, the numbers are on my side finally, this is the second drop, the pomegranate juice works, all that up, down, up, down, up, down on the dumb bell lifty thingy works, the meds probably contributed, the sleeping pills are useless, and having awesome friends definitely works. My mate Pete not only furnished me with accurate and detailed information about the songs Prince sang during his Australian tour, but he also left me a good book titled, “The Secret Language of your Body”. The book contained 230 pages of words that even my bi-focals struggled with, … and I’m not sure what drove Pete to even imagine I could cope with that, … and so I thumbed through to the pages that connected most with me, and I read those 6 pages over and over and over again. I was even more ecstatic when the doctor said, see you in 6 months time. This was my verbal assurance from the grand wizard (who also wore the coolest watch) that although Sydney had been issued with a severe weather warning tonight with the State Emergency Services on high alert, I can sleep well tonight and for the next 182.5 nights likewise. Those wild winds can blow the roof off my house, I’m still going to cuddle warmly under my blanket, content that everything can get better. I have been issued with a free Get Out of Jail card, and I’m bashing this one down on the monopoly table hard for impact. If the table breaks, who cares. I’m going back to the gym tomorrow to work on my pecs, eat bananas and drink gallons of protein shakes. I’m going to dream tonight about conquering Mount Everest, and if I forget my oxygen equipment, who cares! Adios Chichitos.

Gratitude shifts your focus.

If the only prayer you say in your life is ‘thank you,’ that should suffice.
Gratitude shifts your focus from what your life lacks, to the abundance that is already present, someone reminded me of this today. The same person also impressed on me that I should refocus and start thinking about what I want in life. I think we get caught up with so much emotional noise and clutter in this rat race, that we forget what is important to us. Our family, children and ourselves. In my case and particularly with the cancer, I really do need to direct most of my energy to self healing. I need to surround myself with support people who are inherently positive and view life through a different set of googles. Mr Magoo had cool glasses. Non functional but cool, hey that’s what being young in 2012 is about, right? This could be the door to a new direction for me. No yellow ribbons tied around the old oak tree, or the gold path to the Wizard of Oz … no sirree, this the 1st step at the base of Mt Everest, and I’ll be making hot chocolate with marshmallow along the way.

Be wise and thrifty.


Well, that bit of arse kissing didn’t work yesterday. I still got hit with a bill of almost $500 to configure a modem router to the Internet. I was reminded that if I don’t use one of the more run of the mill popular brands then it’s a bit of a challenge to work through the menu options to get the ports opened for email (internal and remote) working. I was mesmerized by my new TP-LINK modem’s claim that I was not buying any ordinary modem, but a very fast F1 racing car, and I was impressed! The earlier Netgear and Link Sys Models that i had been carrying fall well short with what I have now. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the big brand name equipment because upgrades and improvements occur so quickly you should budget to replace an entire system within 3 or 4 years (small business). Believe me I’ve seen my fair share of supposed reliable items packing up prematurely. The worst example was 4 server grade hard drives in a RAID system, over a space of 6 months, and then I had to buy a replacement server because the old server just crashed too often.

My mind is kinda blank

No, literally … my mind is blank. Usually I would find something to grumble about or make some comment on, but today I just don’t want to think at all. It’s a conscience effort so that I only have to react to stimuli that prompts me to action. I was hoping I could sit still and everything simply revolved around me, and I just a silent observer. The plan didn’t work this way at all. I came into work and nothing is more distressing for a internet telecommunication business than to have it’s internet and communications out of action. The internets back up, but the emails are only sending, not receiving. I have my trusty Chilean IT friend helping me out on this one. Well, not before he reminded me that his rates somewhat doubled for DIY’ers. He was right, I solved one problem but inadvertantly created another. Here’s a plug for his business hoping that the words “mates rates” ring in his ears while he’s writing out the invoice a little later this evening. Metronix Computer Support – Call me for great computer support, hardware and software, and I’ll give my mate David free IT services!

Nice Jim Jams

If I were a car, even I wouldn’t buy me.
There just seems to be too many missing or broken parts, lets see, no appendix, no gall bladder, broken shoulder, no prostate, barely remembers things, and the blood is tainted with cancer. Did you say, you’ll pay me to remove this body off the block? I came home last Wednesday (ANZAC day), spent a couple of hours at work, and a couple more on Thursday and Friday. Next thing I know, those who love me gave me a good old fashioned ear bashing. Nothing like being pushed further below the water line when you’re trying to get on top of things. I counted 5 (female) nurses who adored my pyjama pants when I was at hospital, I’m now contemplating wearing them out to the shops. For some reason they recognised some dude whose name appeared on my jammy’s called Peter Alexander, just hope he’s not some gay icon. Everyone knows I’m not gay, right? Nothing against gay people, but I can do without the unwanted attention particularly as I’m a bit of a pretty boy and muscular! Here’s a pic of me suffering in front of the television screen. I’m of higher and better spirits in the last couple of days because I’ve self diagnosed a double dose of sleeping tabs. I’m sleeping almost as soon as I hit the pillow and then struggle to get out of bed by 8:30am. Problem however is that I’m still drowsy during the remainder of the day. If there are any credible persons reading this with a Medical background can you leave a comment below please. I’ve changed to 2 x 5mg Diazepam? If this dosage is not causing the tiredness then I may need to worry once again. Crap!