Worlds Best Present

20121226-162459.jpg This is what a beautiful six year old girl gets you for Christmas. An exercise book with 8 FREE pages, so I can write a little bit more of my own story. I guess this is a reflection of what is important and rich in her own life. She loves to write stories and believes everyone around her does the same. You have to dig the multiple coloured Post-It Notes, a symbol of high organisational skills. Was she trying to say I need it, or that this supply would compliment my existing inventory? I put Google to the test this morning and found this quaint Scottish Restaurant over at West Ryde this morning. I didn’t order a lot of brekkie type food, only savoured a coffee and moved on.


20120928-171225.jpg Gave Brad my credit card to go and buy another PS3 controller, next thing I know, there’s a Tekken game encased in a fancy tin case come as part of the purchase, … not the traditional plastic cover, but flashing lights, sirens, and christmas lights. “Boys are Gods punishment for having sex”