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March 24, 2012
I barely slept a good part of an hour last night. I had decided to cut back on one nights dosage of ‘Stilnox’. For the uninitiated, these are sleeping pills. Ordinarily, my description of this pill would suffice and end here, but I have it on good source that ‘Stilnox’ has been linked to hallucinations, short term memory loss and unexplained sleep walking. All of which I’m eagerly waiting to experience so I can report back to everyone if it is indeed true. So for the greater part of today, I walked around as a zombie. My visual senses were active, I responded to my surrounding stimuli but I think my internal GPS was faulty. The voices in my head just lead me blindly from one activity to another with no planned purpose. Today, I overheard someone confess they did not like wearing pants, I also enjoyed a coffee and had a brief but nourishing conversation with someone who also felt a yearning to chat. I learnt that the human spirit is attracted to all things good and positive. My son Brad reminded me that although events in his life may not always come to fruition and that it can be sometimes frustrating, his experiences shared can be a learning block for someone else. It’s now late and I’m going to have another shot at sleeping. Where are you ‘Stilnox’? Come to daddy!

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  1. Young Florida chick. says:

    Wearing pants is not necessary for life. Also, I can’t believe I drove in a car with you today.

  2. tini says:

    Miss you mr d

  3. Roy Potaha says:

    Kia kaha brother, yea that fruition thing your talking about, I keep tripping over mines a few times. love you

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