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March 20, 2012
I have been inspired this day to start my blog by a young chick from Florida. Incidentally, it is considered an offense to shower naked in Florida. This blogging seems a little daunting however I’m sure I’ll cope by reminding myself that I’m not scribbling for any intended audience but a handful of friends who will neither be offended by my rants, nor judgmental of my opinions. If you stumbled here by accident or were drawn in by the powers of search engines, I hope you stay and feel somewhat amused or mildly interested by my string of words. My short term goal is to acquire at least three unique visitors even if they are apes, particularly the ones that will eventually conquer and rule this planet. Looking forward to those toothy grin expressions. And by way of future reference, the above map will give you all a heads up on the directions to the Forbidden Zone. Good luck friends and strangers.

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  1. Jane and Brett says:

    We are sitting here reading this together. The more I get to know you the quirkier you become. It was a good might. As Janine says, why are we always the last to leave? Brett and Jane

  2. Young Florida chick. says:

    hey! don’t be mean to Florida.

  3. Mars says:

    Good to know bro …love ya heaps ..
    Intending to come over ..sometime ..

  4. Roy Potaha says:

    Hello Bro I see that you are keeping your self busy. It’s great to read up on whats happening, sad that I have to read it though? but hey if its helps you then that’s cool brother, Love you Jah Bless.

  5. […] The Planet of the Apes was discreetly mentioned in my first blog entry on March 20, 2012. Click here to be beamed over to my 1st blog entry. in fact, I posted the map to the forbidden zone, so only hard core movie buffs would have twigged […]

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