Sat, 7th April – Hawaiian Blessing

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April 7, 2012
This island is inhabited with spiritual people. One lady reminded me that whatever you take from the land should be returned to the ocean. Her name was Aunty Netty, and despite her title she was not my aunty. It was clearly a wonderful term of endearment to a lovely lady whose lineage granted her a connection to certain rights on the land and to spiritual matters. She offered a prayer to the gods, next to a sacred pool that was frequented by turtles, and generally prohibited to the public. Her standing on the island required no official license nor paper to register what she was allowed to do. She is known as a Kahu. Aunty Netty used words in Hawaiian and later in English to permeate the sea water she had earlier collected. This sea water was now filled with all this positive and natural energy. She whispered some phrases to me, while our foreheads lightly connected in preparation for the blessing. As she gave me the blessing, she dipped a couple of plant leaves into the bowl and used this to transfer the goodness onto my arms, legs, heart, body and soul. This was a very special day. I’m staying here forever and work can go get stuffed! A real shame that I’m the boss. Crap!

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  1. Roy Potaha says:

    Thats it bro! Know your talking. Enjoy while your there.

  2. Louise Mann says:

    Love it. Spirituality is the key to your soul. Don’t forget to read th ebook, it will help too
    Awesome, I love it. Spirituality is the key to your soul. You need to believe in yourself. Don’t forget to read the book, it is very spiritual and will really help. Keep up the good work Aunty. Lou xx

  3. Pene Edwards says:

    Chur Bro, Bet your body felt a whole lot lighter after seeing Aunty Netty, Believe!!!! xo

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