Tues, 4th April – Flying to Hawaii

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April 4, 2012
Things sometimes fall into place in hindsight, and this was quite evident as I sat on a flight from Sydney to Honolulu. Grabbing a paper tissue and a childs texta, I applied some simple calculus and some quantum physics (according to the Gospel of Google), and I discovered that I had experienced time travel. I left Sydney on Tuesday 9:30pm and arrived in Hawaii on the same Tuesday but at 11am. Whoohoo, I get to enjoy Tuesday again. If only I could go back a couple of decades so I could re-adjust my lifestyle and avoid or prepare for this journey which I’m undertaking. But what would I change? No one seems to know how Prostate Cancer is acquired. Did someone sneeze on me while travelling on a train late one night from Central? In which case, I would avoid trains … and wear long neck skivvies for the rest of my days. I would probably still be single today because I would have chosen an orange one. If you get a chance, please watch ‘A Little Bit of Heaven’, with Kate Hudson (new release).

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  1. Roy Potaha says:

    Enjoy your Holiday with the whanau Brother, we are looking at those cool pic’s keep them coming. Don’t dwell to much on what ” if ” now is now.
    Love you bro.

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