The little things

Yup, that’s a picture of the pristine waters at Hawaii, and also a great view of my perspective on life. While everyone was splashing around in the water, I was taking a keen interest on the small things. The little fish were almost see through, and if you stared long enough, you would see a colony of them, or is that a school of them. Interesting that the people who collected words for the first English dictionary associated groups of fish with the house of learning and academics. Don’t they only have a 3 second memory? And how the hang did someone find that out? I just love the way the Japanese come up with clever brain games, I like Sudoku a lot. I read somewhere that you need to exercise the brain with mathematical and IQ type games to minimise the incidence of memory loss. I’ve reduced my sleeping tablet intake to minimise my troubling memory loss, this has been worrying. Im also doing Sudoku puzzles, to kick start the neurons. Once this works, I’ll look for my keys again. Tomorrows’ a big day, I find out the next set of lotto numbers that determine whether life has been sweet. I had a shave tonight so that the oncologist would think I’m half decent, and I’ve laid out my clothes similarly to someone attending a job interview. I hope I pass! Good night sweetos almatomichios. More evidence I should have been in the printing industry when the dictionary was being put together.

Bucket List

Place one big tick next to: “Go to Prince Concert”. I saw him at Melbourne and the VIP seats were more than well worth the cost. Flavour Flav from Public Enemy stood and danced next to me for most of the night. At the bottom of this post is a section for “Leave a Reply”, I’m actually interested in what sort of things people have on their ‘must see – must do’ list. T minus 2 weeks before my next set of blood tests. Why does it feel like judgement day every 3 months? I’m compelled to share Bens’ rugby game last weekend (as I do with Brads’) because the little bugger scored his first try for the season. The Barker forward pack were rucking the ball at the opponents 22 mark, when Ben picked the ball and ran for the try line. He ran into and past four of the opposition players. He had a clear passage towards the try line, when one of the other boys sprinted and shoulder charged him. Penalty was given to Barker and with a quick tap, the ball was handed to Ben who railroaded through the defense line, with three of them hanging onto this little locomotive. What an awesome Saturday, once again! This is just as therapeutic as a 30 minute gym session. I get the clearance tomorrow whether or not, I can resume the gym after the Gall Bladder operation about 4 weeks ago. I love the way magicians are able to conjure up these amazing tricks that have you wondering how precisely they did it. Some people use cards, hats, rabbits and ribbons, some use ‘trust’. Although I can never understand it, ‘trust’ should never be laundered with any form of trickery, it’s just one of those accessories that glitter in its’ purest form. If you repeatedly introduce a flaw, it will never have the same value. Why am I waffling about magic tricks and trust, you ask? Well, just because. A big gratifying thank you hug to Isobel, who unexpectedly called out to me, “You’re looking great!” yesterday while she was working at the Coonanburra Cafe. Hey, even guys appreciate these feel good comments. Now I want to check out every woof whistle, never know, it could be for me … from a girl!


Are title’s meant to mean anything, well I know this should mean something to someone out there. If not, the majority of you would have thought it was some new texting acronomyn … maybe? Short for ‘live’? I dunno … Anyway, I have been quite content with my newfound goal from the last post and have decided that I need a support team to help reach the tip of Mount Everest. I came to this conclusion after a cup of Cappuccino, so here I am thinking, who and what do I need on this adventure. I can’t do it alone as it will be freaky, especially if there’s a howling wolve (or bleating mountain goat) in the distance. I’ve watched enough horror movies to know that the screetching violins will soon follow and I will definitely need a spare pair of pants. Can I borrow someone else’s in the (extremely rare) event this happens, promise that I’ll return this item of clothing washed. I also need a ‘shoulder’, a broad one, not too broad, feminine but not easily bruised, so that I can load my burdens onto. I’m no cry baby so forget the tissues, bring them for yourself instead. I need a donkey or mule, … wait, a Stallion that can withstand high altitudes and carry alot of heavy supplies, a microwave, lobster, another horse with a chef, and … Mount Bloody Everest???!!!?, what am I thinking … lets start with ‘a mile’ first. Something a little more achievable. OK, let me get back to you on this one, while I revise my plan. Anyone seen my Nike shoes? Brad won today by the way, throwing in some nifty side-stepping dance moves around 4 of West Harbours best, to get a try for the Warringah Rats (34 vs 17). Really made my day! Ben also won his game for Barker College against Cranbrook School. I just knew I had try scoring genes in my DNA. I was wondering about something on the way to rugby this afternoon, I had driven past a lady perched over the open hatch of her station wagon. A large dog was tied to the tow bar, and the lady was blocking her nose with one hand while making sweeping motions with the other. Clearly, the dog had poo’ed in the car and she was ushering the dogs produce onto the road. It then struck me, why do we block our noses from bad odours, don’t we draw in the fog of stinky smell instead through our mouth? Eeeeewwww, tasty. Gotta go, and work out ways to LYV life to the fullest!

Gratitude shifts your focus.

If the only prayer you say in your life is ‘thank you,’ that should suffice.
Gratitude shifts your focus from what your life lacks, to the abundance that is already present, someone reminded me of this today. The same person also impressed on me that I should refocus and start thinking about what I want in life. I think we get caught up with so much emotional noise and clutter in this rat race, that we forget what is important to us. Our family, children and ourselves. In my case and particularly with the cancer, I really do need to direct most of my energy to self healing. I need to surround myself with support people who are inherently positive and view life through a different set of googles. Mr Magoo had cool glasses. Non functional but cool, hey that’s what being young in 2012 is about, right? This could be the door to a new direction for me. No yellow ribbons tied around the old oak tree, or the gold path to the Wizard of Oz … no sirree, this the 1st step at the base of Mt Everest, and I’ll be making hot chocolate with marshmallow along the way.

Be wise and thrifty.


Well, that bit of arse kissing didn’t work yesterday. I still got hit with a bill of almost $500 to configure a modem router to the Internet. I was reminded that if I don’t use one of the more run of the mill popular brands then it’s a bit of a challenge to work through the menu options to get the ports opened for email (internal and remote) working. I was mesmerized by my new TP-LINK modem’s claim that I was not buying any ordinary modem, but a very fast F1 racing car, and I was impressed! The earlier Netgear and Link Sys Models that i had been carrying fall well short with what I have now. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the big brand name equipment because upgrades and improvements occur so quickly you should budget to replace an entire system within 3 or 4 years (small business). Believe me I’ve seen my fair share of supposed reliable items packing up prematurely. The worst example was 4 server grade hard drives in a RAID system, over a space of 6 months, and then I had to buy a replacement server because the old server just crashed too often.