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March 30, 2012
The mention of the Calendar a couple of days ago has taken a life of it’s own evolving from the innocent puppy idea into a giganormous mammoth. The most touching thing to come from all this banter was that the proceeds (if any) would go towards Cancer Research. It was also declared that a signature on my own picture should create a frenzy and be good for sales. By the way does anyone know where I can borrow a firemans’ hat, pants, some cool stick-on tattoos and an axe, don’t worry about the top. Before I forget, it was pointed out in an earlier post that my reference to the long gone days of a digital examination to detect Prostate Cancer does not involve fingers (plural), … I meant ‘finger’, as in singular, preferably with trimmed nails and gloved and “NO”, there was no hidden meaning nor was I boasting about anything. I’ll shortly be on my way to a Psychiatrist, it’s like paying for a friend who’ll listen to you rattle on and on about anything. Every now and then they’ll interject and apply some well versed words to steer your thought processes into more peaceful waters. Don’t knock it (like I use to), because when things go crazy upstairs you’ll need one of these persons to chew some straw with … and I love straw. Black is my favourite colour today. Not to describe my mood or anything dark, but all the other light that illuminates around it appears brighter and I’m enjoying this. Adios potato’s

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  1. Pene Edwards says:

    Hi David,
    Thats good you gotta new Friend!! You can say anything you like and they don’t have a come back line, to piss you off, (thats if u had alot on ur mind, not saying I did). Hehehe
    Happy Straw Chewing Bro
    May the Straw be with You xo

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